Orders,Notices & Circulars

प्रशासनिक व लेखा संबंधित 

विवरण दिनांक
Office Order No. F.1()()/Estt/GWD/18/161 Dated 03.04.2019 regarding additional work assigned to Dr. Vimal Soni, Senior Hydrogeologist and T.A. II to Chief Engineer, GWD, Jodhpur. 03-04-2019
Office Order No. F.1(10)(23)/Estt/GWD/15/1954 Dated 27.03.2019 regarding additional work assigned to Sh. Mahendra Kumar Gupta, Superintending Engineer (HQ), GWD, Jaipur 27-03-2019
Office Order No. F.1(10)(23)/Estt/GWD/15/1955 Dated 27.03.2019 regarding additional work assigned to Sh. Sunil Sharma , Superintending Engineer and T.A. - I to Chief Engineer, GWD, Jodhpur 27-03-2019
Appointment Order No. F.3(40)GWD/Estt./Jodhpur/2019/93 Dated 27.02.2019 (RPSC 2013- Clerk Grade II) 27-02-2019
Order No. F3(8)(40)RPSC(WL)/Estt/GWD/Ju/2017/275-298 Dated 18.02.2019 (RPSC 2013- Junior Asst.) for submitting documents/Certificats, Candidates Allotted to Ground Water Department from Waiting List. 18-02-2019
Retirement Order No. F.3(7)(1)Estt/GWD/19/26 Dated 17.01.2019 17-01-2019
Retirement Order No. F.1(11)(5)Estt/GWD/18/7 Dated 08.01.2019 08-01-2019
Retirement Order No. F.3(7)(1)Estt/GWD/18/2 Dated 02.01.2019 02-01-2019
Appointment Order of Sh. Gopal, Class IV 24-09-2018
Posting Order of Senior Hydrogeologist & Junior Hydrogeologist no. F1()()Estt/GWD/18/1868 Dated 12.09.2018 12-09-2018
DPC Order of Tech. Assistant(Hyd.) to Junior Hydrogeologist no. F1()()Estt/GWD/18/1867 Dated 12.09.2018 12-09-2018
DPC Order of Junior Hydrogeologist to Senior Hydrogeologist no. F1()()Estt/GWD/18/1866 Dated 12.09.2018  12-09-2018
Office Order no. F.3(7)(1)Estt/GWD/2018/473 Dated 27.08.2018 regading coorection in the name of Smt. Vineeta Williams . 27-08-2018
Office Order no. F()PA/CE/GWD/2018/140 Dated 24.07.2018 regarding control of Central Workshop. 24-07-2018
Office Order no. F.9(35)(4)-II/Estt./GWD/16/399 Dated 18.07.2018 regarding creation of one post of Workcharge Chowkidar. 18-07-2018
Office Order no. F.4(204)Estt/GWD/2018/378 Dated 09.07.2018 regarding Swachick Sevanivitri of Sh. Hariram Bansal, Driver, GWD, Alwar 09-07-2018
Posting Order no. F.3(8)(40)Estt/GWD/2017/320 Dated 07.06.2018 of Sh. Vikas Kumar Gupta 07-06-2018
Office Order no. F.3(7)(1)Estt./GWD/2018/289 Dated 04.06.2018 regarding Swachick Sevanivitri of Smt. Vineeta William 04-06-2018
Appointment Order no. F.3(8)(40)/GWD/Estt./Jodhpur/2018/220 Dated 03.05.2018 (RPSC 2013 -Junior Asst.) 03-05-2018
Appointment Order no. F.3(8)(40)/GWD/Estt./Jodhpur/2018/132 Dated 23.03.2018 (RPSC 2013- Junior Asst.) 23-03-2018
DPC Order no. F. 3(9)(23)/Estt./GWD/17/131 Dated 23.03.2018 (Ministrial Service) 23-03-2018
DPC Order no. F.3(9)(23)/Estt./GWD/17/130 Dated 23.03.2018 (Ministrial Service) 23-03-2018
D.P.C Order no. F.3((9)(23)/Estt./GWD/17/129 Dated 23.03.2018 ( Ministrial Services) 23-03-2018
Retirement Order no. F.1(11)(5)/Estt/GWD/17/118 Dated 22.03.2018 22-03-2018
Clerk Grade II Joint Competitve Exam. 2013-- Order to Selected Candidates for submitting documents/certificates. 12-02-2018
Office Order No. F.3(7)(1)Estt./ GWD/17/388 dated 15.12.2017 regarding retierment of Sh Rajendra Prakash Sharma and Sh. Shabeer Ali 15-12-2017
Office Order No. F.3(7)(1)Estt./GWD2017/387 Dated 15.12.2017  regarding Swachick Sevanivitri of Sh Sumer Singh 15-12-2017
Appointment Order of Smt. Shobha Devi, Class IV 30-08-2017
Office Order (Movement) No. F.2(1)(4)/Estt./Jod/GWD/2017/2121 Dated 29.05.2017 29-05-2017
Office Order (Transfer) No.F.1(16)GW/2017 Dated 29.05.2017 29-05-2017
Appointment Order of Sh. Mahendra Kumar Maurya,Cleaner 21-04-2017
Office Order No.F.1(16)(1)/Estt./GWD/17/25 Dated 13.04.2017 regarding Pay Scale of TA (Chem.)  13-04-2017
Office Order No.F.1(16)(1)Estt./GWD/17/23 Dated12.04.2017 regarding posting of TA (Chem.) 12-04-2017
Office Order No. F1(10)(03)Estt./GW/2017/8 Dated 06.04.2017 regarding posting of AEN (Mechcanical) 06-04-2017
Office Order No. F1(8)GW/2016 Dated 31.03.2017 regarding posting of AEN (Mechcanical) 31-03-2017
Retirement Order no. F.4.(272)Estt./GWD/16/430 Dated 18.01.2017 18-01-2017
Office Order No. F.1(1)GW/2015 Dated 12.01.2017 regarding additional charge 12-01-2017
Office Order No.F.9(35)(4)-II/Estt./GWD/16/409 dated 16.12.2016 regarding transfer of one post (class IV Jaisalmer) 16-12-2016
Appointment Order of Sh. Kuldeep Bhargav,Class IV 01-12-2016
Office Order No. F.1(10)(23)/Estt./GWD/15/396 dated 18.11.2016 regarding work distribution of SEs. 18-11-2016
Retirement Order no. F.3(7)(1)Estt./GWD/16/376 Dated 02.11.2016 02-11-2016
Retirement Order no. F.4(272)Estt./GWD/2016/372 Dated 24.10.2016 24-10-2016
Transfer, Movement and Corrigendum Order 10, 13-10-2016
Transfer Order No F.12()Estt/GWD/2016/347 dated 27.09.2016 27-09-2016
Order for Vehicle Allowance of Sh. Nirmal Kumar Helper GWD Jodhpur 22-09-2016
Order for Salary of Sh Anoop Thareja and Sh, Subhash Chandra Sharma J. Hydro. for month July and Aug.2016 21-09-2016
Permission order of Sh. Ganpat Lal Bheel TA (Hyd) appear as private candiadate in RSCITRKCL. 21-09-2016
 Order for salary of Smt. Urmila Shekhawat Sr. Chem.  GWD  Jod July 2016 21-09-2016
Appointment Order of Sh. Kanhiya Lal , Cleaner 16-09-2016
Post transfer order of T.A. (Hydrogeology) 15-09-2016
Posting order of Shri Subodh Mehta, T.A. (Hyd) 15-09-2016
Work order of Shri Jitender Kamboj, T.A. (Geophysics) dated 08-09-2016 08-09-2016
Additional charge order of Smt Urmila Shekhawat, Sr Chemist dated 08-09-2016 08-09-2016
Additional charge order of Executive Engineers dated 07-09-2016 07-09-2016
तीन वर्ष से अधिक अवधि से कार्यरत भंडारपाल को बदलने बाबत 02-09-2016
पदों का प्रत्‍याहरण एवं आवंटन 31-08-2016

Technical Orders / circulars

Details Date
Circular issued by Pr Sec to all Divisional commissioners and District Collectors regarding renovation of traditional water sources and baories. 18-06-2016
Office order No. F-12(10)GWD/2016 dated 25-05-2016 regarding issuance of feasibility reports for gw abstraction structures. 25-05-2016
Declaring GWD as “Nodal Department” for AR & RWH activities in Rajasthan (order No F-12(5)GWD/2015 dated 01-01-2016)   01-01-2016
Circular of P S to all departments for construction of Roof Top RWH structures. 28-03-2012
Letter of Chief Secretary, GoR regarding construction of rain water harvesting structures in Govt. buildings  dated 01-11-2011 01-11-2011
Dy Secretary - II GoR letter No. F - 5(1)PHE/2010 - Part - II dated 14-07-2011 regarding permission from competent authority 14-07-2011
300 वर्ग मीटर से अधिक माप के भूखण्‍डों पर वर्षा जल पुनर्भरण से संबंधित नगरीय विकास एवं स्‍वायत शासन विभाग का परिपत्र दिनांक 16.04.10 व 13.05.10 

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